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From purchase to equipment disposal, Neovero Systems offers the best tool for asset management and hospital maintenance.

Hospital maintenance software designed to meet International Accreditation Standards

With an international presence, Neovero Systems transforms market demands into innovative, robust, and easy-to-use solutions.

Mobile Apps and IoT Technologies

Smart control and integration with IoT networks.

Native apps for mobile management.

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We develop management software for clinical engineering, hospital engineering, general and infrastructure maintenance, and asset management.

With 17 years of experience and more than 600 health care units served, we provide support and update our products on an ongoing basis, to continue to offer the most advanced system of its kind.


Our experience and knowledge of the healthcare market, and our close, collaborative relationship with clients make us a transnational company focused on customer service and continuous improvement.


We prioritize client satisfaction and a commitment to technological innovation in step with the current market, promoting lasting partnerships based on continuous communication, the provision of high-quality professional services, and agile responses to our clients’ daily challenges.


We are continuing to expand internationally because we understand that the exchange of knowledge between clients and suppliers from different countries and cultures fosters the diffusion of proven solutions and management models.



“Having a specific system for Biomedical Engineering is indispensable for efficient and effective management. Having technological inventory 100% under control, full traceability, controlled service times, access to technical intervention certificates at any time and from any place—these are resources that make a difference during audits and oversight by competent entities.

NEOVERO is a complete and intuitive system, which in our daily work has become more than just a system: it is our most essential tool. It allows us to interact with managers of other areas, and vice versa; thanks to custom dashboards based on our needs, each manager knows the cost of their calls, turnaround time, history, certificates, etc.

Recently, we were audited by the Health Authority. All the challenged items and the evidence requested by the auditors were provided using Neovero: certificates, qualifications, timelines, traceability; we showed it all with just the mobile app.

At the end of the audit, we received praise for the organization, agility, and full control we have of our operation.

All this was only possible thanks to Neovero and the support of their technical support team. They assist us whenever we need help and we can always count on them.

We could not be more satisfied!”

Alexsandra M. Figueredo

Corp. Coordinator of Clinical Engineering, Grupo Leforte, San Pablo

“The Neovero management tool gives our organization complete visibility of our equipment: perfect maintenance planning, a precise quotation system, monitoring of measuring tool calibrations, etc. It also provides numerous quality management reports, depending on what our organization requires.

Neovero’s team is always available and willing to address our concerns. They provide online service that keeps everything working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is certainly a key element to consider”.

Emiliano Felice

Biomedical Engineer, Senior Technical Service Specialist, COVIDIEN ARGENTINA S.A.


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