Software for

Technical Assistance and After Sales Services

Neovero Services is our device and maintenance management software developed to maintain devices developed to meet the needs of manufacturers, representatives, and technical assistance for medical equipment.

Neovero is centered around the concepts of mobility and integrability via its “Neovero Mobile” smartphone application, and the integration of Neovero with your company’s legacy systems. This allows more flexibility and ensures the exchange of information and processes across systems.

With Neovero you can:

Equipment sales and your customer portfolio:

  • Monitoring and completion of corrective maintenance work orders from clients.
  • Real-time notifications of service requests, via mobile or web.
  • Automated scheduling of preventive maintenance for equipment under warranty or lease.
  • Equipment performance monitoring.
  • Control of productivity and profitability of contracts with clients.
  • General cost and investment management.

To access reliable data and indicators needed for strategic decision-making.

  • Allocation of workshop resources and technical staff.
  • Geolocation of technicians in the field.
  • Workshop and technician schedules.
  • Work request distribution.
  • Evaluation of product purchases, sales, and stock management.
  • Efficient administration of service orders, clients, and their maintenance or loan contracts.
  • Integrated business intelligence for measuring the events that affect decision-making, made visible through customizable dashboards and reports.
  • Stock Control.
  • Management of Service and Product Sales.

Cost Type



To ensure patient safety and to assist your customers in the process of compliance with hospital certification and ISO standards.

  • Requirement to obtain national or international Hospital Accreditation.
  • Reduced risk of patient injury.
  • Monitoring technical qualifications of workshops and their technicians.
  • Qualitative evaluation of completed services.
  • Corporate Authentication with Active Directory, Office 365, or Google GSuite.

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