Application increases the efficiency and productivity of technicians and departments by optimizing management

Mobility has become essential in the services and technology market as managers are committed to pursuing maximum efficiency. The execution and monitoring of activities through mobile applications is fundamental for the quality and safety in the use of technologies, especially when it comes to health. In addition, the constant incorporation of software contributes to the modernization of management processes. 

There is a growing need to use applications that allow real-time device monitoring for technical teams at any time. Performing preventive and corrective maintenance of clinical engineering and general maintenance is vital to ensure excellent patient care, as well as to fulfill Hospital Accreditation requirements. 

In addition, mobility and full records of activities carried out by technicians make it possible to optimize processes, as they also help to reduce waste, such as the use of paper for any new request. 

Another advantage of the app is its secure documentation. Corrective and preventive maintenance or system calibration can be monitored online by managers, ensuring a much more efficient process systemization, which is reflected in the company’s credibility in the market.

Neovero Systems put all its expertise in computing and maintenance management processes into the development of the Neovero Mobile application. The tool provides agility in the execution of company processes, with emphasis on the registration of corrective and preventive services and the certificate reports in the workplace.

With Neovero Mobile, it is possible to have more transparency of the indicators and the execution of the services provided. The mobile application has the ability to track history of the monitored areas or equipment at hand, manage and monitor requests for corrective services and fulfillment of preventive service orders, and keep track of user’s technical agenda.

The application also makes it possible to fill in work order items, such as performed services, inspection signature, labor, parts, and checklists for calibration procedures. All locally, at a touch of the screen, without the need for any intervention from computers far from the technical service location.

Neovero Mobile also allows the manager to check 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to monitor the status of equipment inventory, avoiding waste of resources and time. Our app even allows you to schedule preventive measures to keep the system working properly.